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Health and Fitness

Posted on January 20th, 2018

Author: Yehuda Shoenfeld

An active person in good health and strong. It is not just for people who have a weight problem, but for those who like in shape. It is essential that the person may be one or walk every day, playing basketball or other sports with friends, but if a person wants to have muscles and look slim, you can register and exercise gym.

Exercises for 3 reasons:

The first is that the person is overweight, and the only way to lose those pounds, calories, and at the same time in the gym.

The second is that the person is not satisfactory, and the only way to books, is that more calories in the diet and exercise.

In the third place, for fun, and keep the person in uniform.

Better contribute to the implementation of the plan should be a weight and cardio-vascular exercises. This helps burn calories and fat increases muscle metabolism and weight gain or loss. Like drugs, you should consult your doctor before some form of activity.

Some of the benefits of implementation:

1. This is the easiest way to maintain and improve the health of various diseases and premature death.

2. Studies have proven that the person feels satisfied and increases self-esteem to avoid a depression or anxiety.

3. Life makes people live longer, as a man who doesn

Work for those that have not yet done so, before gradually should. Resistance is not updated, several times, no doubt, the benefit of man.

Preferably, the charge regularly with adequate food.

A person can be an assistant to plan or health, to really help plan a program of diet. We will begin by working on the evaluation of the life and health of the patient before making a program.

If we discussed in detail and recommended that the person who, in general, a meal plan and implement programs that do not use additives or buy fitness equipment.

A good diet should be food from all food groups.

It consists of 2 things. First, it is carbohydrates. Products, the person should have used vitamins, minerals and fiber. Much of this can of oats, rice, potatoes and cereals. It would be even better vegetables and fruits, because they phytochemicals, enzymes and micro-nutrients, healthy eating.

Secondly, fat, mono and poly saturated food sources of animal fats. Since fat contains more than twice the number of calories in food, the presence of small quantities to gain or lose weight.

Another way to stay healthy is to get out of certain services. Most people who smoke and drink. Smoking, it became apparent cause lung cancer and other diseases and complications in pregnant women. Excessive alcohol consumption has also shown to do the same.

For those who have donated smoke, it is preferable to the man, because studies have shown that non-smokers about the risks of developing cancer by passive smoking.

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