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How to Rollerblade

Posted on November 16th, 2017 by Christina Korman

Have you ever met these busybodies who have wheels for feet, and cant sit in one place at the same time?

Dating someone like this is getting a free ride to wherever they want to go which is tiring for the other person. To say the least, its exhausting and a real pain in the ass. Ordinarily these are also the types who cant shut up when they have to, and so theres not a moments peace either.

Its like they have rollerblades on their feet all the time, and really have nothing to do other than scamper around from one place to the other!

Speaking of rollerblading, moving in any direction on just one set of wheels (as opposed to four on skates) demands a lot more than you can imagine, and takes some getting used much like when you are learning to ride a bicycle for the first time.

Rollerblades A Note

As mentioned earlier, quad skates (which have been in existence as far back as 1760) have now mutated into the rollerblades and are often used in several sports around the world and not just for recreation.

If you dont recognize a pair of rollerblades yet, its very similar to quad skates except for the fact that there are only one set of wheels lined up, one after the other. One key difference between these two types of skates, and in regards to its use, is the location of the brakes, which in most cases, are near to the heel or the toe.

However, there are several variations that come into play depending on the type of rollerblading activity that you enjoy participating in such as aggressive, speed or artistic inline skating or even inline hockey for that matter.

How you will notice these variations is by the differing specifications used to design the boots, wheels and frames for the aforementioned sports, and that has captured the imagination of both the young and old.

How to Rollerblade

Since the use of words might be able to help you fully, the use of videos might work to show rollerblading basics, and so, here is a list of videos (found at this link) that show you the ropes when it comes to learning how to rollerblade.

However, there are other tips that might come in handy before you begin learning this really cool skill:

#1: Do not settle for a pair of rollerblades that are loose or tight. Ensure that you find the perfect fit for your feet.

#2: Safety is another important aspect of rollerblading, thanks to the high speeds that are achievable down slopes (and as described in the video). Kneepads, wrist pads, elbow pads and a crash helmet are a must before you begin to prevent injury.

#3: Some of the coolest stunts in this sport requires making risky moves but before you begin to try these moves, ensure that you practice falling down safely before you do so. Also remember to skate on flat surfaces for sometime before you actually graduate to sloped ones and ensure that you avoid surfaces that have gravel, rock or sand as this increases your chances of falling down awkwardly.

#4: While you can use the brakes provided (especially when on sloped surfaces), another way to do this is to move in a direction that slows you down (in this case, up the hill) while also using your protective gear to the maximum in order to break your fall.